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Linda Blackford- Lexington Herald Leader

Linda Blackford is a columnist with the Lexington Herald Leader. Ms. Blackford has reported on sexual and domestic violence since the early 2000s and her reporting focuses on legislation of these issues in the state of Kentucky. I had the opportunity to speak with Linda about how legislation has changed over the years, how it can still be improved, and how systemic problems around poverty and inequality contribute to sexual violence.

  • This interview was conducted by Layne McDuffie, a second-year law student and content contributor to Disarming the WHP.

Kelly Carter- Michigan Assistant Attorney General

Kelly Carter is the Chair of the Michigan Human Trafficking Commission. She has been an Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Division of the Michigan Department of Attorney General for over 20 years with past assignments including the High Tech Crime Unit, Child Protection Unit and the Mortgage Fraud Unit. Just after former Attorney General Schuette took office, Kelly was tapped to join the new Human Trafficking Unit where she prosecutes human traffickers. She has convicted dozens of people under the state’s human trafficking statute. She regularly contributes to the Attorney General’s improvements to Michigan’s law, testifying on over a dozen occasions before Michigan House and Senate subcommittees considering legislation involving child sexual exploitation and human trafficking. She also frequently trains on human trafficking throughout Michigan.

  • This interview was conducted by Chase Thomas, a third-year law student and media manager to Disarming the WHP.

A transcript of this interview will be available soon

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