The following includes works and projects by survivors of sex trafficking. Please follow the link included in each description if you are interested in supporting their work.

Out of the Darkness: A Survivor’s Story

by Alice Jay

From the Author: This is a true story based on my life experience. It is not just another survivor’s story; it is the story of a journey to spiritual growth. After being abducted as a child and exploited through the underground world of human trafficking, I wanted to know why God loved all the children in the world but me. This is a testimony about a girl with hopes and dreams; who loved the Lord and loved life. Then one day her hopes and dreams were gone. She was lost and turned out. Dead to the world – will she ever recover? Is there a way out?

This is the cold hard reality of human trafficking. It is not a book about statistical theory; it is the raw uncut survival story of a child of the night. It is the raw reality of my experiences overcoming the world of human trafficking. Some of the language is raw too. I changed most of it because I no longer speak that way; it was, however, the language of my world.

Anyone who reads this book will benefit and be changed forever. There are 20 years of personal research in this book. What you know about this way of life is simply a myth. Layers and layers of a life style that has been misinterpreted for centuries will be unveiled. We will lay the myths to rest for this book is based on my life experience.

You can buy Alice Jay’s story on Amazon.

Girls Like Us: Fighting for a World Where Girls Are Not for Sale: A Memoir

By Rachel Lloyd

At age 22, Rachel Lloyd, a survivor of commercial sexual exploitation, arrived in the US. While working for an organization serving adult women emerging from the commercial sex industry, Rachel was spending nights on the streets doing outreach and days visiting Rikers prison and homeless shelters.  

In Girls Like Us, Rachel Lloyd tells her story of escaping the commercial sex trafficking industry and how she founded GEMS (Girls Educational & Mentoring Services) to help advocate and empower sexually exploited and manipulated young girls and women.

Through her work, Rachel began meeting girls as young as 11, overwhelmingly low-income girls of color, and children who had been arrested and charged with prostitution. At the time, the word ‘trafficking’ hadn’t even entered the lexicon and the girls she was meeting were treated as pariahs by law enforcement, service providers and child welfare workers. 

Rachel on the other hand saw only smart, strong, resilient girls and young women, who had been manipulated and coerced, women who desperately needed love, support and practical resources like housing, clothing and access to education.   

You can find Girls Like Us on Amazon and you can find out more about GEMS by visiting

The Slave Across the Street

By Theresa Flores

It could happen to you. It happened to the girl next door…

When Theresa was 15 she moved to a new school and fell for an older pupil, Daniel. Theresa was thrilled when one afternoon he asked if he could drive her home. But this simple decision would hold her captive as a sex slave for two long years.

Daniel was part of a criminal ring that bribed and trafficked Theresa out of her own house, unknown to her parents. Theresa would go to school alongside these boys in the day and be called into service at night.

Heart-rending, shocking and totally gripping The Slave Across the Street is the incredible true story of how an ordinary girl was lured into the sinister world of human trafficking – and how she eventually escaped and rebuilt her life.”

“Since The Slave Across the Street was first published, Theresa Flores has become a leading human trafficking subject matter expert and activist. But reaching this point in her recovery didn’t happen overnight. This updated edition delves deeper into the aftermath of her experience, physical and emotional implications, and multiple levels of trauma that trafficking can have upon a person.

In this powerful true story, Theresa shares how her life as an all-American 15-year-old teenager became enslaved into the dangerous world of sex trafficking all while living at home with unsuspecting parents in an upper middle-class suburb of Detroit.” (

You can find The Slave Across the Street on Amazon.

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